Day 1 of the Information Literacy Workshop at CSUSM

Before our awesome librarian retired, he emailed me information about an Information Literacy workshop at CSU San Marcos. I registered and today was the first day of the workshop. A science teacher at my school (@MrEnerva) agreed to come with me–just for the chance to learn something new (how cool is that?!).

IMG_20160123_164359The CSUSM library staff shared their boot-camp-like courses designed to give incoming freshmen the research skills that professors expect college students to have. Those courses are:

The CSU San Marcos Library staff applied for and received a grant to share their Information Literacy program with surrounding high schools and middle schools in an effort to share their work and to help guide teachers prepare their students for college research expectations. I was very glad to learn about what CSUSM is doing at the college level considering that the GUHSD Library Council met just a couple weeks ago to develop research guidelines to help our own teachers lead students through the research process. Seeing this kind of work valued and shared by CSUSM helped legitimize the work our librarians are doing to promote the research process at our schools. I’m very excited to share what I learned (and my notes) with my librarian colleagues at our February 1st meeting!