Becoming a Librarian


The first time I remember visiting a library was… in the 6th grade. My teacher told me I had to do a book report. The year before, at a different school, I read Abel’s Island. I was pretty sure that since I was now in a different school, in a different city, that my teacher this year would have no idea that I already read that book. It was the perfect plan. I would get 2 years’ worth of book reports from reading one book.

I don’t quite remember how all that worked out for me, but that’s not my point here. My point is: I am now in charge of running a school library. I was just hired a couple weeks ago, and I’ll be starting my new position at the end of the semester. I’ve gone from being a 6th grader looking to commit a reading crime, to being in charge of my high school’s Library Learning Commons.

My next steps include (in no particular order):

  • start a blog to document this interesting transition in my career (check)
  • gain acceptance into San Jose State University’s Teacher-Librarian Credential Program
  • meet with the current library council to begin building relationships with more librarians in my district
  • attend a cool 2 day High School Information Literacy Skills Workshop
  • arrive at work earlier so I can spend some time in the library before teaching

Hooray for new opportunities!

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